Treatments & Prices

One to One Treatments take place in a beautiful treatment space in Nuneaton at The Beacon Spiritual Centre. To book your one to one session please contact 07841 659391 or email



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There are several treatment options available for you to consider, from a Full Treatment to a basic Chakra Balance to Distance Healing, there are also a number of discounts and offers.

During the session you remain fully clothed, lying on a couch.  You simply need to lie back and relax as I scan your energy system with a diagnostic bell, we then discuss the findings and during the treatment you simply experience the mantra, sounds, tones and frequencies of an individually tailored treatment consisting of a combination of Mantra,  Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls and the voice. There is also a grounding session at the end to make sure you are ready for the journey home. 

You have the chance to chose if you would like purely Mantra or sound or a combination of the two for your session. This doesn't need to be decided before hand if you are unsure, we can also decide between us after the scan and tailor the session to your needs on the day.

One to One Treatments (Mantra and or Sound Therapy)

First Full Treatment (approx 1.5 hours) ONLY REQUIRED ONCE

Includes taking of medical history and current state of health and a fully tailored treatment, including diagnostic scan and feedback in which will discuss the main focus of the treatment and the information will be used to make the treatment individual and personal to you.

(also required if more than 12 months has passed since last treatment or if health dramatically changes)


Follow up Treatments  (approx 60 minutes)

All treatments following the first full treatment.  Includes full treatment, diagnostic scan and feedback.


Chakra Balance (approx 45min)

Includes diagnostic scan and treatment but there is no in-depth consultation with this session, only a few basic questions.  Great if you are unsure about what Sound Therapy has to offer or if you want a basic tune up of the chakra system.

Distance Healing - Recorded

Distance healing is available no matter who or where you are. Each personally crafted session is recorded and then sent to you either as an mp3 file or as a CD in the post.  The initial consultation will take place either over the phone, via secure email or by post, once an intention is set I then work out a personal session just for you based on the information you give. I keep the focus of this intention and record your personal wholing session and then send it to you, with a brief explaination of what I have done and why, for you to listen to in your own time.

This is not designed to replace to one to one treatment proces, nothing compares to having the instruments there in the room with you, but by maintaining a pure focus on you and your intention, by recording these sounds as they happened for you to listen to, you are getting as close as you can get. This is ideal as a supplement to the one to one process, if you are unsure of what Sound Therapy is about and want to try it in your own home first, if you are unable, for what ever reason, to get to a one to one session, or if you would like to offer this as a gift to a friend.  

If you would like to offer this as a gift to a friend or loved one, let me know and I will send you (by email or post) a certificate to present to your friend, and my contact details for them to contact me directly to arrange the session, alternatively you can offer a general personal session, with the focus simply being on wellbeing for a person, I will then send you the cd/mp3 for you to pass on.


Treatment Prices

One to One Treatments

First Full Treatment

(only required once or if more than 12 months have passed since last session)


All Subsequent Sessions


Chakra Balance


Recorded Distance Healing  

MP3 Via Email


Posted on CD




Discounts and Offers!!

Several offers available if you book your treatments in bulk

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For Sound Therapy to be at its best it is recommended that you recieve a minimum of three treatments, so book them all the same time and recieve this great offer.


6 x Follow up Treatments

Just £200!

Book six follow up treatments at once and save £20!!

Gift Certificates Available! Contact Me for more information!