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Testimonials About The Sacred Voice from Previous Clients


The Sacred Voice, through the accessibility of a recorded sound treatment, gave me something that money can not buy, the ability, time, space and environment to completely relax! During the treatment, I experienced so many different thoughts, feelings and emotions previously unfelt in any other situation. I felt and saw colours, waves of energy & so much more. The recording is something that I go back to time & time again in times of stress, anxiety and for when I feel I need a pick me up or help relaxing to aid sleep. I left my treatment feeling utterly relaxed, calm & with a feeling of better well being, results that lasted for many days. Having moved away from the Midlands some many years ago, it is very hard for me to schedule a one on one treatment time with Sarah (although something I am determined to be able to do) so the introduction of the recorded treatments were something that I was overjoyed to hear about. I can only imagine the power of a treatment in person, it must be amazing. I have signed up to the Yorkshire Chakra Workshop as that is closer to home & I can not wait to experience all it has to offer. Thanks to Sarah, I have explored and enjoyed a different side of myself & what the world has to offer.

Michelle, Huddersfield, Yorks. 


Thank you so much for your incredible skill and therapeutic authenticity. Yours is a genuine gift of healing. Blessed be, for your light and bright spirit. xx

Helen, Bawell, Leics

“Sarah is a kind and welcoming person with great inter-personal skills. Her approach is calming, reassuring and puts you at ease. Her skills in her field are very good and well worth the time.” November 2, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Linkdin Recommendation from Sean Keogh, Leics

Very relaxing with some particularly deep meditations.  Helped me tap into some very strong energies that have previously eluded me.

Anonymous Case Study


Found it very relaxing and enjoyed talking about the process.  Sarah was very helpful in explaining the process and very friendly.

Pam, Leics, Sound Therapy Case Study


Relaxing and theraputic. Felt relaxed and "cheered up" afterwards. Conducted in a very professional manner, but friendly and welcoming.

Shane, Barlestone, Leics, Sound Therapy Case Study


Very relaxing, calming and interesting. Sceptical at first but found the treatment thoroughly professional and beneficial.

Chris, Barlestone, Leics, Sound Therapy Case Study


Relaxing and Enjoyable.

Anonymous Sound Therapy Case Study



Anonymous Sound Therapy Case Study


I really enjoyed it, relaxing. It was very helpful, I valued Sarahs feedback.

Teresa, Leicester, Sound Therapy Case Study


Very relaxing, calming.

Karen, Barlestone, Sound Therapy Case Study