Sound Baths


The Sacred Voice offers several relaxing Sound Baths during the week and also one off work shops and events, this page explains what a Sound Bath is and also the important information you should be aware of.

So What is a Sound Bath?

A Sound Bath is a chance for you to unwind, for you to take an hour for yourself and really relax.  Life can be so hectic in this day and age that it can be hard to find a few minutes to spend on yourself, to re charge your batteries and re connect.  That is what these Sound Baths are for, to give you that chance, even if its just for an hour a week, to find yourself, release stress, quieten the mind and completely relax.  The Sound Baths take place as a drop in weekly group for you to meet new people, experience Sound Therapy and relax.

So What Happens Each Week?

During the session you would make yourself comfortable either siting or lying on what ever you have brought (a blanket, yoga mat....etc) make yourself comfortable and enjoy as I use a variety of instruments and vocal techniques, both old and new, to create a space in which you can emerse yourself completely and safely. You have to do nothing more than lie back and relax There is also a thorough grounding session at the end to make sure you are ready to go back out in to the world.

After the session there is a chance to have a drink and enjoy a biscuit whilst sharing as much or as little as you wish about the experience or simply catch up with friends as you become properly grounded and refreshed.

How can I get involved?

You don't need to commit to a certain number of sessions, these are simply small drop in groups for you to come along to.

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As well as being a beautiful, relaxing experience, there is also the chance, if you would like a particular focus to be included in the session then there will be a confidential box in which you can place your request that I will try and include in that or the following session for you.


Sound Therapy is developing all the time, as are my skills and experience and these groups have massive potential to grow and expand as time goes on.  So come along today and make that decision to be part of the experience.


Important Information!

Please be aware that Sound Therapy is unsuitable if you answer yes to any of the following

Please Click here or don't hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information regarding this.