Flute, Saxophone & Theory Lessons

The lessons are open to all ages and there is no pressure to take exams unless you want to.

I use both Associated Board of the Royal School of Music and Tinity College London for exams but if you would rather use any of the other exam boards I am more than happy to do this. The main focus is to find a way of learning that suits you as an individual, each lesson is tailor made and designed to make learning fun and accessible to all.

I am now a Music Medals Assessor!!


Private Flute, Saxophone and Beginner Clarinet Lessons

Flute and Saxophone lessons take place at The Academy in Leicester They can last for 30 minutes or 1 hour and is completely arranged on an individual basis. The lessons are fun and informative with the emphasis being on being relaxed and enjoying the experience whilst learning.

During the lesson we can also cover aural training, music theory and can work towards ABRSM or Trinity grades if that is your chosen aim. I do not personally play the piano but I have means to still offer affective aural training,  I am also able to enter you for your exam if you would like, although you are more than welcome to enter yourself if you prefer and I can offer advice on how to do this.  Although I don't play the piano to a high enough standard to accompany you, I can offer advice on finding an accompanist for your exam, and I also try to have recordings of the accompaniment to listen to during lessons and can recommend places to buy your own copy of the recording in order to familiarise yourself with the piece.  For the aural training, if I am not able to play the examples I have recorded examples so you don't miss out.

There is no age limit to learn the flute or saxophone! From 3 to 103, there are no boundaries, no one is either too young or too old to have an enjoyable experience! Each lesson is made to suit the individual and are designed to be as assessable as possible.


Music Theory Lessons

The music theory lessons are not by any means purely aimed at Flute players. Anyone wanting to continue learning, begin learning or just refresh their theory are more than welcome!

If you are looking to get the essential Grade 5 Theory with ABRSM, which  you need in order to progress passed Grade 5 Practical with ABRSM, then I am able to help you to acheive this.  We can work towards the exams at your own pace and I am also able to enter you for it if you require. I also have experience teaching GCSE and A Level music and offering additional support on this.

Theory can be included within the private lessons (only breifly if you have a 30 minute lesson and more indepth if during a 1 hour lesson) but if you feel you need more focus on the theory side then you are able to take separate theory lessons along side your main lessons.




Please note that I can not supply instruments and books for these lessons though I am more than happy to give advice on the best places to acquire them. During the lesson you would have access to a music stand, tuner, metronome and CD/mp3 playing facilities. We will also discuss the most appropriate books for your needs, I have an extensive range so we can make an informed decision about what you would need to get.