About Us

The Sacred Voice was founded in 2010 by Sarah McCarthy with a desire to create a space in which a person can develop their own inner self in a safe and loving environment.  Now Sarah Banks, she and her husband Brenig are constantly trying to explore new ways to bring Sound and Mantra Therapy to as many people as possible.

Sarah is a BAST qualified Sound and Mantra Practitioner, offering one to one treatments, group Sound Baths, workshops, demonstrations and talks at various locations around the country. Her training allows her to make a complementary diagnosis allowing the process to be completely personal and tailored to you.

Sarah has always had a passion for music and sound, since a young age she has played many instruments, particularly woodwind such as Flute and Saxophone, but also many others. After spending 3 years at the University of Chichester studying for her BA in Music with Instrumental and Vocal Teaching, she realised she wasn't drawn to the world of performance like many of her fellow students, and although she enjoyed teaching, this still wasn't IT, this wasn't what she felt music really was. During her 3rd year Sarah was introduced to a different side of music that went outside what she had orginally thought music was capable of, during the module of Music and the Mind, something clicked, a real light bulb moment when everything became clear. Sound Therapy allowed her the chance to use her passion for music and sound with her love of holistic and complementary therapy and find something she can really become immersed in and thoroughly enthused about.

After 2 years studying with the British Academy of Sound Therapy Sarah attained her qualification with a Distiction and began building her Sound Therapy business, whilst enjoying this wonderful journey, she found another avenue to explore and expand her understanding, her personal journey, her services and general experience... Mantra! From the moment she began her study of the ancient art of Mantra, Sarah was hooked, the power of this beautiful chanting was thoroughy engaging and became a great love. Now a qualified Mantra Therapist Sarah is able to offer others an incite into this wonderful world.

Sarah is passionate about making things accessible to everyone, to not just explain about the power of sound and mantra, but to let people find it themselves, to offer the tools to allow people to experience the world around them from a new view point.

The main focus now is to make sure we have what YOU the customer, the person, want. Along with her partner Brenig Banks, The Sacred Voice is aimed towards making this a personal experience.

We also stock a variety of New Age products in our little shop and if there is anything you have struggled to find within the New Age market, something you have always wanted to find but don't know where to start looking, then send us an email and let us know and we will endeavor to help in anyway possible.

Located in the heart of England in beautiful rural Leicestershire, but we also travel to various parts of the country.